Become a WORKAMPER, work and travel while BEING ON THE ROAD RVing!

You may decide to be a workamper while full time RVing.

It is not uncommon for full time RVers to work and travel unless you are already receiving a substantial fixed income (ex.full pension) coming to your bank account every month.

A workamper is a RVer staying on the road for weeks, months, years or a lifetime, taking this opportunity and freedom to work and travel, having rv jobs along the way.

Workamping (work camping) can be a wonderful lifestyle.

Offering your time in exchange for a paycheck or a free hookup campsite is becoming popular among fulltimers.

Beside a waged job, creating an online business or freelancing while rv camping are all alternatives to earn an income, work camping on the road.

To become rich is not the goal. It is more gaining sufficient money to support a RV travel lifestyle.

Let' look at the different options:


There are quite a few possibilities for RVers to find rv jobs or paid work on the road.

Many employers are specifically looking to hire RVers. National Parks, campgrounds, resorts, farms, ranches, tourist attractions, Casinos etc... are all potential employers.

The principal reason is that RVers carry their own living quarters. Also, being generally older, the RVers are perceived as very reliable, mature individuals with desirable life and working experience.

Most of the jobs are temporary employment or seasonal and in a natural environment instead of urban.

Some employers only offer a free campsite with full hookup in exchange of a few hours of work per week or a free site with hookup plus salary which is better.

You have to do a little math, comparing the number of hours worked to the value of the RV site. You have to get a compensation which is at least comparable to a minimum wage (which is not much).

If you do not need the services because you are boondocking with a solar power system , it does not make too much sense to get a free hook up.

Specialized web sites for workampers help you to find jobs while RVing. You can always find a waged job looking in classified ads in the location you are, willing to stay there for a while.

Get some info and help from these websites that will suggest areas where workers on wheels or workampers may be needed. There are many jobs mostly in the outdoor hospitality industry waiting for you.

Transporting RVs , motorhomes, trailers and 5th wheels is another idea since you are already familiar with driving such vehicle and you may know the road.


You can create your own auto-pilot online business putting together a website that has to do with a passion of yours, something that you like to do research and talk about.

You want to become the specialist in that field, succeeding to use that passion to make money and being self-employed wherever you are. Be aware that this option involves a lot of work for very little financial reward unless you find the perfect niche with your own products to sell.

You do not need to be a webmaster or web designer, knowing all about HTML and CSS coding to build your website. If you do, it would certainly be an advantage in some cases however.


You can find freelance work online or advertise yourself as a freelancer through internet. (writing, editing, graphic design etc.)

You can also do any job that does not require your physical presence in the employer's office, communicating online. You may sell your photography, video or writing.

Keep in mind that if you are operating a business while on road, some of your RV expenses can be tax deductible. Verify with an accountant.

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