WIRELESS INTERNET is reshaping the rules as a DOMINANT tool for REGULAR FOLKS.

Nowadays, RVers traveling with recreational vehicles have access to wireless internet almost like being at home.

As you know, since you are looking at this site, internet has changed everything in our lives. Who would have thought? Most of us were sceptic in its infancy.

Internet is so present that for many of us, a day without internet access is dramatic. I am just pleasantly kidding but not too far from reality.

It allows us to keep in touch with the rest of the world. In the recent years, the technology of mobile broadband has evolved so rapidly that it is perfectly conceivable now to have the use of internet while RVing.

Being online on the road is a necessity for many fulltimers who travel and work, the recreational vehicles being the new 'homes on wheels'.

Whatever the type of RVer you are, it is always convenient to any traveler to have wireless internet access to look at online maps, travel info, weather reports, web tv, e-mail etc...

Today, RV travelers have many more options than the old basic approach of plugging in at a dial-up modem connection at the campground. This is a slow speed connection technology of the past that nobody needs to use anymore.

What is of interest to us is the new wireless internet technology. This makes us more independent, not being obliged to go to a campground every night in order to be guaranteed of internet access.

It is possible to be on the road, boondocking and still be connected.

However, for the RVer staying at a campground for a long period of time, it still may be a good option to get a broadband connection via DSL (Digital subscriber Line) through a phone company or a local cable company who offers service at the site, like you will do at home.

For the RVer on the road, being on the move most of the time, this is not a viable option.

In order to establish an online communication when and wherever you are, you can get internet either through:

  • a wireless access point (wifi hotspot)
  • a cellular signal (cell phone or aircard)
  • or via a satellite.

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