DOES SIZE MATTER? Of course...
A small RV is BEAUTIFUL. Let's see WHY!

It seems that size and a small RV is an issue for some people. Size may be an asset and for some everything. Is it your case?

Let's find out if a small RV is right for you. In fact, size is often an issue and for some RVers, selecting as BIG a RV as it can be, may be considered an asset.

This is important to discover while selecting the best RV corresponding to your needs.

You have to think of its size and its floorplan, all in respect of your budget.

When you are used to the space of a home, a small RV is a big adaptation. To get used to the small living quarters of a Recreational Vehicle i.e. 100 to 350 sq. ft., is not always easy. Each RVer desires more living space, more comfort and a lot of storage.

BIG RVs which offer all that, will be costly to purchase and operate, cumbersome and also limit the type of RVing that can be done.

On the other hand, a small RV being more maneuverable will allow you to go to places that the bigger rig will not be able to.

If you want the best comfort, knowing that most of the time, you drive on highways to your destination where you will stay for a longer period of time, bigger Recreational Vehicles would probably be what you are looking for.

But there are also more things to consider.

BIG RV means MORE space and comfort.


  • each Province and State has different laws concerning the maximum length for a motorhome allowed to be driven on highways. Some limit it to a maximum of 40 feet.
  • you may also require a special endorsement on your driver's license or pass a test before being allowed to drive a bigger rig.
  • in case you are towing something, the maximum length for a Tow vehicle plus its Toad (truck and trailer, motor home and car) varies from one State or Province to the other. Sometimes the limit is as low as 55 feet total. Sometimes, you can not pull double i.e. more than one vehicle at a time.
  • for people who would think of buying a wide-body RV vehicle (more than 96 inches wide), notice that it can be restricted on designated highways in some locations. The information is available in any trucker's atlas.
  • you have to be careful of weight limitations on small wooden bridges mostly.
  • you have to be ready to pay extra money (sometimes a lot more) for big RVs transported on ferries. The cost is by linear foot and there may be a surcharge for wide-body vehicles( 25% more sometimes)
  • finally, many campgrounds can simply not accommodate big RVs, more than 40 feet long, or have only a few sites available (phone to inquire and make a reservation)

As you notice, there are a few more things to think about in the selection of a Recreational Vehicle.

Everything is a question of compromise. A small RV with one or more slide-outs could maybe provide the living space required, still keeping a reasonable length.

Small RV means LESS space and comfort.


  • it is easy to drive, explore a narrow paved or dirt road, even a dead end road without fear to be able to turn around, giving you access to more remote areas and if interested free camping sites.
  • it is easy to park in town, stay where overnight camping is allowed or at family or friends' places.
  • if you find a nice spot in the country side, since you have everything with you, it is more probable that you will be able to stop, eat and even camp there if dry camping is allowed i.e. boondocking
  • you do not have to drive back with your "Tow" vehicle to get the big RV left behind. If you need some gear for hiking or other activities, since you have them with you, it offers more spontaneity.
  • small RVs offer better fuel economy.

You should select the SIZE of your Recreational Vehicle in consideration of your needs but your final choice should be:

  • The smallest rig that fulfills this criteria.
  • Be careful of buying BIGGER that you need.
  • Be careful of buying smaller that you need.

It is a very tough exercise mostly for people who decide to be full-timers. It may however be better to look for quality in a more compact, small RV.

Yes... SIZE matters. A small RV is BEAUTIFUL!

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