RVing means Adventure Travel!

Why go RVing? Good question!

Since you are visiting this site, obviously you already have some interest to know more about it.

The reason is probably that somehow you think there are many benefits associated to its practice.

Let's have a look at some!


  • gives RVers freedom and autonomy to travel aboard a Recreational Vehicle when and where they want.
  • allows to explore vacation hot-spots and top destinations, spend time camping in special "new" places on own time schedule, see and learn new things at own pace.
  • gives RVers the chance to meet like-minded people, exchange knowledge and experiences, and make new friends.
  • offers RV travelers the opportunity during to pursue favorite hobbies or activities in more varied and challenging locations than those at home, adding to new experiences. (golfing, bicycling, hiking...)
  • reduces travel-related stress for everyone. RV camping allows the possibility to enjoy the same comforts and conveniences of a home.
  • allows the RV campers to sleep in the same comfy bed every night, to have fulltime access to a kitchen and healthy food in the refrigerator for meals and snacks, therefore satisfying the pickiest of eaters and those on special diets.
  • reduces traveling costs for family vacations due to the relative affordability o RVing. No reason to pay for over priced airfare, with all the accompanying worries and hassles of reservations, airport schedules, security checks, flight delays, luggage restrictions, packing and unpacking. No more search for expensive and often deceiving hotel rooms, and restaurants with greasy food menus.
  • gives a sense of belonging to a special community of individuals.
  • RVers are generally alert and active people who seek new adventures and a feeling of self-sufficiency and independence. If they want, they can share their traveling experiences with others, taking part in rallies organized by different RV Clubs
  • allows RVers to take along items important to them (bicycle, books, music, computers, etc.) in the familiar comforts of a home-like environment.
  • facilitates the traveling with pets (dogs, cats or other) eliminating the costs and worries of pet daycare. Since many campgrounds and parks are pet-friendly, RVers can bring their four-legged companion with them: RVing with pets
  • gives all family members and couples the occasion to reconnect, to live something special together during a relaxed and happy RV vacation, an ultimate bonding experience.
  • encourages contact with nature. The practice of outdoor activities (fishing, canoeing, white water rafting...) or simply doing nothing and relax in natural surroundings, allows time to look around, listen, breathe the fresh air.
  • an escape from routine. It takes everyone away from the work environment and the problems at home, being an occasion for many to resource themselves. It can bring a whole new appreciation and perspective of life.
  • a solution for many to experience simplicity and decide to become 'fulltimers' or full time RVers

And there is much more...

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