What type of RVer are You?

There are different categories of RVer depending on their selected RV lifestyle. The four mentioned here serve as a guide to RVing.

Since the categories are based on the duration or amount of time per year that a person uses a Recreational Vehicle, this informal classification may overlap.

We have:

- the weekender

These are travelers using Recreational Vehicles with the intention of taking a short camping vacation over a weekend up to about a week, with more comfort than sleeping in a tent.

The RVs normally used are:

The vehicle used can be rented for such a short period.

- the vacationer

This is the person who goes RV camping for a duration of one to six weeks, returning home after the vacation is completed. Far away friends or family members are often visited during these lengthier RV vacations.

Recreation Vehicle normally used:

  • a Class B motorhome with shower facilities
  • a smaller Class C motorhome
  • a small to medium sized travel trailer

The Recreational Vehicle used can also be rented for this longer period of traveling.

- the snowbird

This is the individual who escapes the winter weather of northern latitudes every year to enjoy the clement weather of the south.

The snowbird normally resides in the Recreational Vehicle for a six month period and then returns home for the summer.

The RV is often parked at the residency location of the RV camper (a "brick and stick " home, possibly a cottage), when not in use.

RV normally used:

  • a Class A motorhome
  • a 5th wheel trailer
  • a medium to large size Class C motorhome
  • a medium to large travel trailerthe fulltimer

- the fulltimer

This is the person who decides to live fulltime in a motorhome or camper trailer and makes it a permanent residence.

Either traveling constantly, being parked at one destination, or a combination of the two, most fulltimers are fully retired. However, more and more people are adopting this lifestyle to simplify their lives and work on the road.

Generally, RVers are considered full timers after one year of RVing. Some people in the RVing community would argue that a real "fulltimer" no longer owns a "brick and stick" home.

RV normally used:

  • a large Class A motorhome
  • a large 5th wheel trailer


As you expect:

RV: recreational vehicle

In North America, it refers to a mobile vehicle, motorized or towed, equipped with living space and other amenities found in a home and used for recreational purposes.

In other countries, the terms caravan and camper van are more common. As strange as it sounds, RVs are very mobile and differ from mobile homes which are trailers pulled once to a site in order to serve as a home.

RVer: person (rv camper) using a recreational vehicle (RV)

RVing: recreational activity done by a RVer

RV travel: going from one place to another RVing

RV travel lifestyle: a manner of rv living that reflects a person's values

RV-Travel-Lifestyle.com a plan of action to achieve your goals

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