a decision to take LIGHTLY!

RV living as a full timer may have to be done in stages, as a transition.

It is a good idea to try RV living for two or three months at a time in order to get a better feeling of being on the road. Then, try it for a year and see. A lot can happen in a year.

As strange as it sounds, always make sure to have a plan B in case you discover that this camping life is not for you.

You may not get along with your traveling companion (spouse) or you simply want or need to return to a more conventional lifestyle.

The full timer has to deal with different aspects unique to that alternative lifestyle. Before jumping in, there are many decisions to take and things to consider.

Let's look at a few:


You may be excited about your RV living project but it is not like you are going to travel the continent, having all days for yourself to enjoy and everything is free.

Full time RVing is not FREE!

I would say that for a couple, the average living expenses of RVing full time would be around $3,000 /month which means $36,000/year and this is AFTER INCOME TAX MONEY.

Either you are in shock or you find it quite cheap! Personally, I find it substantial.

Keep also in mind that this budget of $3000/month is for a couple who is:

  1. traveling WITHOUT ANY EXCESS.
  2. having NO DEBT on the recreational vehicle itself and all other vehicles used.
  3. having NO DEBT on all other RV and personal equipment as well. This means that all the up-front costs have been paid for in total before departure.
  4. having NO EXTRA EXPENSES to keep up a 'stick and brick' home left behind. This is for a couple of individuals or spouses who got rid of everything to travel full time RV living.
  5. rv camping in an AVERAGE campground most of the time with full hookup services for a few days at a time, NOT MOVING EVERY DAY.
  6. putting NO RESERVE or money on the side in case of emergency.

You may have thought that RV living would be less expensive. It can be if you are more frugal and you boondock more often.

Then, you may be able to lower that figure to $2,000 /month. An expense of $1,500 /month is very low but possible for a couple practicing frugal RVing at its best, boondocking every night and saving pennies.

You may spend an average of $5,000 / month staying at resort campgrounds and being more frivolous going out to restaurants more often. For some, the sky is the limit !

If you receive a thick pension check deposited in your bank account every month, money is not a problem. Then, there is no worry!

However, what is very important to remember for the majority of new full timers is the DEBT FREE before departure.

If most of the recreational vehicle is financed and you think that there will not be a problem of income since you are going to find work on the road, you are taking in my opinion a major risk.

Being aware that it may be a sacrifice for you to wait, you may have to postpone your project for a little while, until you raise the money to pay in FULL the up-front costs without financing.

You may decide to buy a used RV instead of the new one you saw at the RV show recently.

You certainly do not want to leave and have to come back just a few months later, putting a halt to your project, short of money and disillusioned because you did not prepare adequately, the costs being too high.


It is not rare that when a couple decides to hit the road RVing full-time, one does not agree with the other with the decision of selling the 'stick and brick' house.

It becomes a very emotional decision for some. It seems even more difficult for women.

There is always this possibility to find someone to take care of the house while you are gone or simply find a renter. Everything in this matter is personal.

If you need the equity in your house in order to pursue your dream, it is a though decision. Either you do it or you don't.

Selling or giving away all the other possessions is not easy. Putting everything in storage is costly and it probably means that you are not ready to simplify your life.

Selling a house is one thing but leaving a community is another challenge for many.

We all have our routine going to this particular bakery because their bread is the best, this butchery because we like the clerk, this coffee shop because we meet people there and it is nice on saturday morning to seat and read the paper etc..

A routine brings comfort. Leaving family and friends behind is also very though, very emotional for some, while for others it is just time to change and meet new people.

A main concern for many are the animals you have at home. Do you feel comfortable to bring them along? Are they too old? RVing with pets is very common.

There are many trade-offs and compromises but also a lot of joy ahead.

First, you need to be a traveler, someone who likes traveling. You need to be this person who is adaptable, who can live with less, with some risk-taking.

Mostly, you need to be someone confident and assertive who has faith to succeed and make it a wonderful experience.

This is not for everyone !


There is a routine and work involved having this camping life.

  • You do not have complete privacy. Your neighbor may be awfully close sometimes. Many campgrounds are cramped and you may feel like being in a pack of sardines.
  • It is not an escape from responsibility. There are many decisions that have to be made on the road.
  • For many full timers, unless you are very wealthy, choices related to your finances will have to be made all the time. This can add stress to your experience and make rv living less enjoyable.
  • It may cause trouble having more than one person rv living in such a small space. Even a big RV does not have much space.

Try to select a vehicle not too big but not too small so at least everyone has some personal space. Also, as RV travelers, do you have enough interests in common?

Keep in mind that it can be the adventure of your life and a lot of FUN! You may reinvent yourself. As we say:


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