RV GENERATORS are the Stress Relievers of Your HOUSE BATTERIES !

Are RV generators essential to your RVing lifestyle? Yes and No!

All depends on what kind of RVing you are doing.

Obviously, if each time you go on a vacation aboard your recreational vehicle, you always use a campground electrical service, you do not need a rv generator.

If you are doing some dry camping without a hook up service (boondocking), a generator would be useful.

It could be sometimes necessary if you plan to stay in the backwoods a few days in a row and you need to recharge your battery bank.

However, instead of a generator, solar panels installed on the roof of the RV would be the best thing to have if you are a fulltime RVer and you boondock most of the time.

As we said, all depends on your RVing lifestyle.

The function of RV generators is to charge the battery bank or use it directly as a power source to 120 volt AC outlets. (TV, microwave, air conditioner, furnace etc...)

If you use it to charge the battery bank, be aware that it is not a very efficient method at all.

Most RV generators charge batteries through the converter charger and you do not get that way the full output capacity of the generator, being limited by the amperage of the converter itself.

This is why the generator will have to run for long hours to bring the batteries to a full charge.

Some generators have a DC output that gets the job done a lot quicker but this method is not suggested having the potential of damaging your batteries due to overcharging, not having any regulator.

The best option is to install a good quality inverter/charger

We can say that, if:

  1. your RV is equipped with an inverter (access to 120 AC)
  2. your recreational vehicle has a huge battery bank (4 or more)
  3. you installed sufficient solar panels to charge the batteries
  4. you do not stay too long in a site without an electricity hook-up
  5. you are careful in conserving energy
  6. Then, you probably do not need a generator.

However, keep in mind that a small generator is useful as a back up to be more self-sufficient as a source of power available wherever you are and whenever you want.

Solar panels have limitations due to the time of the year you are RVing, the local weather and your location.

You may just need a small unit as a complement to run a power hungry air conditioner without discharging too quickly your battery bank or to give a little boost to finish charging your batteries.

Keep in mind that there are some disadvantages as well.

Omitting the extra cost and the gas supply needed, the noise and the fumes of the exhaust may be annoying to you and your neighbors.

For this reason, some campgrounds simply do not allow the use of a generator or most often limit their use to specific hours.

Even without regulation, please think of others and do not run it after quiet hours.

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