RV CLUBS organize many Activities and Rallies. An Occasion to Make NEW FRIENDS!

All the RV Clubs are slightly different.

They offer varied services as road side assistance, mail forwarding, e-mail accounts, various products, Club magazines and much more...

Being a member will give you discounts on fuel and insurance plus savings in many campsite locations around the country (up to 50%) (Canada and US).

The clubs organize rallies, seminars and social events. Some may also have care centers for periods of medical recuperation.

It is too long here to enumerate everything each one has to offer and their particularities. Some are targeting at specific groups of RVers as well.

Below is a list of the main clubs with links to their websites.

Check their information, compare annual fees, talk to RVers, and see how beneficial it would be to join one or many.

They normally have a low membership annual fee between $50-$70 and offer a list of around 1200 to 1700 campgrounds with discounts up to 50%.



  1. Camp Club USA
  2. Escapees (SKPs)
  3. Family campers and RVers
  4. Family Motor Coach Association
  5. Good Sam's Club
  6. Handicapped Travel Club
  7. Happy Camper Half Price Camping Club
  8. Harvest Hosts
  9. Passport America
  10. Recreation USA
  11. S.M.A.R.T.


  1. Canadian Family Camping Federation
  2. Explorer RV Club
  3. F.Q.C.C.

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