RETIRE EARLY or sooner, after Knowing the Cost of Working.

To retire early and free ourselves from the stress of a job would probably be for many of us, beneficial to our mental and physical health. (admittedly not all, some people just want to keep working)

But … We need an income !

Yes.. This is true.

However, just for FUN, as an exercise, let's see:

How much does it cost to work in order to keep a "brick and stick" home lifestyle and... Are we that far ahead?


If you are in your fifties, you probably achieved a certain level of financial security, owning a house and other assets. However, many of us may keep working at a job that has not inspired us for years.

To retire early is not in our mind. Changing jobs, for those not liking theirs, does not make sense at an older age either.

Keeping it gives us the sense of security that we need and we are just waiting for later. This later may never come or it will come too late. This is obviously for the folks who want a change. It is not everyone!

But...the dream to do what we most of us have been postponing, is conditional to a good health. We all know that the probability of getting sick, having a heart attack or stroke increases with age.

And then what? To retire early or sooner has to be thought over.

Anything can happen quickly and change our lives. Ten years pass by so fast as we all know. We all remember when we were twenty . It seems that it was yesterday.

Think of what we may be missing. Let' see...

How much MONEY does our Job REALLY give us ?

It is not what we are making but at the end what is really left in our pocket that counts. Let's take a writing pad and make some calculations just for fun.

The exercise is to deduct from our net income (after tax) all the costs related to working and find out our real hourly salary.

For many, having a job costs a lot of money and stress.

First, working often means an extra car and insurance, new tires, parking/speed tickets, towing, repairs, carwash, gas, monthly parking fees, depreciation plus the time involved maintaining that car running.

Commuting also means time, potential accidents, increased fatigue. A working environment means joy and disappointment, new clothes, jewelry, more grooming, purchase of specialized items, gifts to colleagues, sponsorships, lunches at restaurant, after work parties.

Stress means a need for relaxation: massages, psychologist, medication etc… etc…

If we are the average employee with average salary, we will discover that having a job in itself costs a lot. Our net pay is far less than we think. There is also an emotional and physical cost to work.

I am not encouraging laziness but I am myself realizing that there may be other ways to do things.

We all have fears and after we become aware of ours, we may decide that to retire early is not really what we want creating more stress.

However, for others, working on the road at a slower pace, while RVing, may be a solution.

How about working just a few months while on the road ? Maybe, finding work online, an online business?

At the end, we may make as much money being on the road and having a lot more time to ourselves than keeping our well paid job with our "stick and brick" home.

Maybe not quite... but if we take in consideration the potential of lower living expenses while RVing and more time to ourselves to do what we want, it may be worthwhile.

For some of us interested to retire early (or sooner), we may just have to simplify our lives and make it happen.

Would you like to wake up in front of a lake, sitting outside in the sunny morning enjoying a coffee? Would you prefer having a simpler life free of all the clutter and stress around you?

Would you like to have time for yourself not being obliged to cut the grass and clean the driveway after getting the grocery on your day off?

For some, retire early, live simply and go RVing may be the solution.


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