The Best Recreational Vehicles...

There are NO BEST Recreational Vehicles!

The BEST Recreational Vehicle is the ONE that suits You the BEST!

Your neighbor's selection is not necessarily appropriate to you!

The selection of a RV depends on the individual. It is based on your type of rv camping and travel needs, preferences and budget.

There are many vehicles to choose from: various types, sizes and floorplans and multiple features and accessories. There is much to consider before reaching a final decision.

For all travelers, selecting the right model is far from being easy. The fewer trades-off, according to its use, the better RV you selected.

A Brainstorming Exercise may Help You: RV Selection

You quickly realize that there is a lot of thinking to do and this is just the beginning!

After much thought and discussion about needs, preferences and goals, and so much more, you can look at the categories of recreational vehicles available:

Whatever your selection before buying, keep in mind that it is always good to talk to other RVers, do a trial of many recreational vehicles, get advices from a friend who owns one or rent a unit for a short trip.

In fact, renting for a couple of weeks to travel is always a good idea and can help you save thousands of dollars in the long run.

You may discover that RVing is not for you, that it is not exactly what you thought it was, or that you need a totally different type of vehicle to fulfill your needs and enhance your experience.

Here are some suggestions of RV rental agencies:


In Canada:

Take your time! Consider carefully your personal interests, needs and as always, your budget. Practice a visualization of seeing yourself living in a restricted space and going about your daily activities.

Attend shows of recreational vehicles. Special prices are offered for the duration of the show. However, do not rush into anything; these offers are always extended.

Remember that on top of the price negotiated, you must add sales tax, registration and insurance fees.

How about its Size ?

How much time are you going to spend on the road? How much comfort do you want? What activities you want to enjoy? These questions, and more, have to be well thought out in order to determine the ideal size of your vehicle.

New or Used ?

Practicing with a used model and then upgrading for new later on is a good idea. If you change your mind, you will not have to absorb the thousands of dollars of depreciation on a new unit.

Believe me! I know through personal experience.

I bought a new rig, travelled for a period of six months, and decided to sell shortly thereafter. It sold at $12,000 less than the purchasing price. Ouch! And I was lucky...

It is not unusual that many new RVers choose the wrong Recreational Vehicles for their needs and go through that expensive experience to correct their mistake.

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