Your Best Recreational Vehicle.

The BEST Recreational Vehicle is the ONE that suits You the BEST!

Your neighbor's selection is not necessarily appropriate to you!

The selection of a Recreational Vehicle depends on the individual. It is based on your type of rv camping and travel needs, preferences and budget.

The idea now is to throw out at you a load of questions that eventually will have to be answered in order to identify your specific needs while RVing and select the ONE that suits YOU.

Be aware! The list is long and there is no specific order. However, this exercise will help you in the selection of a recreational vehicle.

Here we go!


  • What is your main purpose?
  • Are you going to use it on short camping excursions, long trips, or as a replacement for a home?
  • How far do you want to go traveling? How fast? How often?
  • What type of touring, what do you want to do when you get there?
  • What season(s) of the year will you travel?
  • Do you prefer to be alone or surrounded by a lot of people when camping?
  • Are you planning to stay on highways and major roads, drive on narrower winding country roads, or in the backwoods on off-road tracks?
  • Do you want a motorhome or a towed camping trailer? Do you know the difference?
  • Do you already own a vehicle which can tow?
  • Are you going to spend a lot of time inside or more outdoors?
  • Is your goal to use it as a mobile office, working on the road while traveling?
  • Are you traveling alone, as a couple, or as a family? What are the objectives of each person involved?
  • How many people travel with you? (number of adults, children, guests etc.)? How old are the children? Do you need bunk beds?
  • How much space do you have at home to park it when not in use?
  • If there is no space at home, do you have another place to store it and what is the cost?
  • Would you simply be satisfied to rent a Recreation Vehicle when you need one?
  • If you decide to purchase one, what is your budget? Do you have enough money left to travel and cover the operating and maintenance costs (insurance, fuel, repairs, campground)?
  • Do you prefer new or used?
  • What size do you think you need?
  • Are you considering special accessories: solar panels, motorcycle lift, etc.?
  • Are there special needs or a physical disability to consider?
  • Would you finance the purchase or pay cash?
  • How do you feel about depreciation of your vehicle?
  • What kind of camping are you going to do? Is it primitive camping in nature or at a full hook-up resort?
  • Do you intend to arrive at a specific destination and stay there for a while or to be fairly mobile?
  • How much storage space do you need, space to work, space for the pets?
  • Will you bring bigger items like bicycle(s), scooters or motorcycles? Do you intend to pull a car?
  • What quality of furniture and amenities do you desire in your recreational vehicle?
  • How much extra are you willing to pay for a better quality of construction?
  • Is air conditioning or a generator mandatory?
  • If you are boondocking (camping without services), how much capacity (number of batteries, size of propane bottle and holding tanks, etc.) do you think you need?
  • How much weight are you planning to add to the recreational vehicle (motorhome or trailer) when loaded?
  • What recreational vehicle floorplan works for you and/or your spouse and family?
  • Is the bed big enough? Is there sufficient counter and sink space in the kitchen? Is the bathroom large enough to feel comfortable when using the toilet?

The list could go on... and on... but the most important question is:


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