Would you Go RVing Full-Time and Give up Your House ?

Would you Go RVing Full Time, Give Up Your House, Job, and Current Living Situation to Travel Around the Continent? Would you Adopt this Alternative Lifestyle?

Would you feel emotional to leave people and things behind ?

It is clear that to go RVing fulltime and live this kind of lifestyle is a big decision but it also has many rewards.

Before jumping in, everyone needs to be sure of his/her decision.

Remember this saying from Mark Twain:

"Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you did not do than by the ones you did so."

WHY would you leave the comfort of a 'stick and brick' home to go RVing full time in such a tiny space and adopt this alternative lifestyle?

This is WHY !!

1) for economical reasons, lowering your cost of living

However, depending on what type of recreational vehicle you choose (a smaller motorhome, a fifth wheel or a bus conversion) and how you would use it as living quarters, to go RVing full time may or may not be cheaper than living in an apartment or home.

In fact, if you are changing location every day or second day, going to campgrounds at 35$ plus a night, rarely boondocking for free, this alternative lifestyle of RVing could probably cost you more than staying home.

This is very important to understand so you do not become disillusioned after a year.

The benefit is that you are traveling, seeing new places and having new experiences. This has a cost attached to it. However, it is important to make the right decision right from the start and not put aside financial considerations.

On the other hand, the cost of this alternative lifestyle and go RVing can be controlled and you can do as much for a lot less money, being an adept of frugal living

If you own an average size RV that you purchased used at a reasonable price, that you equipped with batteries and solar panels allowing to 'boondock' free or at minimal cost and you practice frugal RVing, your living expenses are going to be lower to go RVing than staying home.

You will not be bored for sure, unless you are a bad traveler. If you sold your house as well as all the items that go with it not needing them anymore, it should give you sufficient money and a lot of freedom to enjoy your new camping life.

No more maintenance of a house and purchase of things to keep that conventional lifestyle going, no more high heating, electrical and insurance bills, no more taxes etc...

2) for simple living and freedom this alternative lifestyle offers

Scaling down, reducing your possessions to a minimum, keeping only the best, most useful and meaningful items may be objectives in your life.

Living in a smaller space easy to clean and maintain with all the amenities to provide you with security and comfort, is another way for some individuals to simplify their lives.

Just think of all the time used to cut the grass, shovelling snow, hosing the driveway, picking up leaves, going on the roof to fix up something etc... All this time can be all yours to enjoy.

Full time RVing allows the freedom of choice of doing what you want, when you want, in changing scenery, not having to dedicate most of your energy, money and time to keep up a house.

As we said, many people have the false feeling that a 'stick and brick house' offers more security in life. It is often a mistaken belief, a fallacy. Even if owning a house is the ultimate goal and NORMAL way to live, in many cases, the ownership becomes a burden and a stop to experience new things in life.

Selling a 'stick and brick' home and most of our personal belongings can be very emotional and demand a lot of planning as well. It does not mean that ownership has to be excluded of your life.

If you can afford it, having land or a rental property part of a renting 'pool' and managed by a responsible company may give you the extra sense of security that you need and all the time to enjoy a camping life and RV travel.

RVing will allow you to always have your living quarters with you. You will be free to choose where you go and how long you are going to stay. Your life will be more relaxed but at the same time, filled with excitement and spontaneity.

3) to have new experiences and meet new people

To go RVing full time will bring you to places you were simply just dreaming of going before. Often, you will be surrounded by grandiose natural wonder being able to change your view or neighborhood in a matter of a few hours from the mountains to the ocean. If you don't like the weather where you are staying, move at any time.

You will be able to practice your hobbies and recreational activities in new locations. Your stress level will be low having all your time to relax, leaving that hectic life behind.

You will keep yourself mentally and physically active with the benefit of staying healthy. You will continue to grow and learn. You can travel to locations that offer specialized workshops or continuing education programs you can attend.

You will meet new people, be engaged in interesting discussions different from the same old at home. You will socialize around the table sharing your adventures and making friends. You will have a chance to have a lot more new life experiences than at home doing the same errands every day.

Full time RVing could bring some spice into your life!

You will visit family members spread around the country not intruding but keeping your personal space in your RV.

4) to travel while working on the road

In the past, it used to be only the rich retirees who could travel and go RVing fulltime wandering the continent, relaxing and enjoying every moment in the sun without having to work.

We are now seeing more and more baby-boomers, middle-aged couples, even young families and single adults living their dream, quitting the conventional lifestyle and having a source of income on the road rv living fulltime.

Younger fulltimers go rving and experience the world before they get too old. They feel that there will be sufficient time left to be sedentary when they are really old.

With internet and new technology progressing every day, many do not have to stay in a specific location to make a living. They decide that life is a lot more interesting on the road and they do not want this '9 to 5' job sitting at a desk, seeing the same old, same old every day.

Staying in touch with an employer, friends or family is simple.

Making a living and finding work on the road is very possible. Like anything, there is some effort involved but feasible.

5) to travel and find a property to settle down later

As a fulltimer, you have the opportunity to stop and live a while in a location which seems interesting to you and get a feeling for it as a right place to settle down.

You can have this goal to look for a property to buy (land) when the day you become more sedentary, you will retire.

You can experience the community at its best and worst as well as the weather. If you do not like it, you are free to move on and discover a better spot.


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