FULL TIME RVing is a Way of Life. It is WHEN we can call Anywhere "HOME" !

For RVers enjoying Full Time RVing, there is no written criteria concerning the specific duration they have to practice this type of camping life before being called fulltimers.

However, in the RV world, there is this understanding that when a RVer has traveled and lived full time RVing for at least a year or 365 days without interruption, he/she would be considered a fulltimer.

Some would say that having no more 'stick and brick' home is another prerequisite to qualify in adopting this alternative lifestyle.

The 'snowbird' does not qualify as a full timer. This RVer, every winter, goes rv living six months south to take advantage of more clement weather but returns home in the spring.

Some RVers have been on the road for ten… twenty… even thirty years enjoying this full time camping life.

Note that the fulltimer may or may not keep a home. The idea of breaking free from the ownership of a house is not for everyone!

However, not having to worry about a house left behind is a big advantage and certainly for most a way to finance the adventure of full time RVing.

Let's have a better look at this option!


Some people, in order to facilitate the transition to the alternative lifestyle of full time RVing make the decision to recover the equity accumulated in their home to make their new adventure possible as well as simplifying their lives.

Others can not depart from a house. In their mind, it is everyone's goal to have a house and pay for it all their lives. That is what many of us are preconditioned to think. This is the main concern and reason not to go full time RVing.

The "stick and brick" house is viewed as a security for the future and this is the most important barrier. Just the word "homeless" is full of negative connotations and carry a lot of emotions by itself.

However, we have to realize that the ownership of a house is not free of burden. At one point, many of us will think of getting rid of the clutter present in our lives.

Camping life, traveling, full time RVing can help to simplify our lives Also, even if in people's mind, a house is the best investment, ownership of a "stick and brick real-estate" is not always profitable. It could have been true in the past but at the present, in many cases, it is a fallacy.

The bubble crisis has set a lot of people back. Holding on a conventional piece of real estate in North America may not promise the same value tomorrow that it holds today. A house is certainly profitable to all the people making money from it at our expense.

These are the banks who collect our interests, municipalities who charge us a transfer tax when moving in to welcome us, fees for permits and annual taxes for their service, carpenters, plumbers, electricians who just rip us off with outrageous fees.

Then notaries and of course realtors who take most of our profit away in commissions, while we were the one who invested and kept all the equity in the home for so many years.

One day, we may decide to break free and go RVing. At the same time, we will get rid of all this accumulation of things we do not really need.

We have to sincerely ask ourselves: Am I spending money unnecessarily to keep a conventional lifestyle that is choking me and leads to the boredom of doing the same old, same old every day? Obviously, not everyone is bored with their life but there are quite a few out there!

This is when this alternative lifestyle becomes an option. We can purchase a used RV debt free and invest the money left (if there is) in foreign countries where real estate is still affordable, buy land with low taxes and no maintenance and go on the road enjoying this camping life.

We may decide to find a source of income while we are on the road seeing the world and simplifying our life at the same time.

If you are close to retirement age and always saying " I can not afford to retire", my comment would be "probably true!" But "just because of the way you live".

Breaking free from a 'stick and brick' house may accelerate the process to early retirement

However, it is true that before becoming a fulltime RVer, there are many steps to go through and decisions to be made. These are very personal.

For the majority of people, deciding to go full time RVing is a big decision.

Why would we leave the comfort of a 'stick and brick' home to stay full time in such a tiny space and adopt this alternative lifestyle?


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