FRUGAL LIVING is a New RVing Road to Prosperity.

Frugal Living may be a life objective we can accomplish RVing.

A recreational vehicle is literally a " house on wheels " with all the amenities in a more limited space.

The advantage of Frugal Living is that it provides a freedom that a 'stick and brick' house can not offer. The RV can be moved when and where we want, from one location to another.

Its limited space may be a compromise for most, but this is one reason it leads to simple living by using space more efficiently. It is less painful than you think.

Many people nowadays consider buying a RV in which to live and travel for an extended period of time, some full time , as a means to live a more simple and frugal life.

As a good internet access makes it a lot easier to work on the road , the younger generation is also considering this alternative.

While living in a "stick and brick" house, what do we really need in order to live well and comfortably? Can living simply in a recreational vehicle, being on the road for an extended period of time, replace a home?

The first thing that comes to mind is a comfortable bed, given that we spend one third of our lives in it. Yes... the bedroom with closet. What else? Obviously a bathroom to clean and relieve ourselves with running water.

Next, the kitchen with fridge, stove, oven, microwave, sink, work space, shelves and table. The basics!

The dishes could be hand washed, but a dishwasher is handy. What more? Sofa, tv, desk with library of books, computer and internet. Washer, dryer and some storage space. More? Yes, the garage, shed and garden!

Technically, recreational vehicles are small yet fully furnished portable homes, with everything to satisfy our basic needs of comfort. It comes in most cases with all the needed appliances except the dishwasher. Some bigger RVs come with a laundry washer and dryer.

A full bedroom, a kitchen, a living room and bathroom, plus storage compartments for equipment and tools are standard in RVs. Bringing bigger items (bicycle, boat, motorcycle, ATV, scooter, car etc) is not a problem.

In most cases, the RV has a heating and cooling system (furnace and air conditioner) plus running water (cold and hot). It does not have the garage. Actually, some do and we call them toy haulers with a small garage included.

OK, I must concede, it does not have the garden and shed.

All together, relative to its size, it has the potential to offer us all the comfort we need but all contained in a small living space with the potential of simplifying our lives.

For some people, it is fine, for others, it is too much of a compromise.

Remember that RVing gives us an opportunity to be frugal in a privileged environment.

RV camping is also normally done in a more clement weather following the sun. A few RVers having the proper RV will park their vehicle at skiing resorts in the cold of the winter but they are exceptions.

In all cases, RVing offers the outdoors as a replacement for the missing living space.

RVing may initiate the steps required to LIVE SIMPLY.

This is HOW.

Since we are limited by the space available, we can not bring everything we have. Frugal living at its best.

We will take the things that are dear to our heart, the essential for our leisure activities and our day-to-day needs... Nothing extra, nothing superfluous, a simple life for us to enjoy.

If we take the road fulltime, unloading clutter from our lives is a necessity. It is a voluntary decision to simplify it: voluntary simplicity

We may have to give or sell most of our possessions and/or keep a few in storage. In reality, are we not all a bit overwhelmed with everything we have?

The decision to 'declutter' is related to the principles of downshifting and downsizing.

If we can precisely identify the items and amenities necessary to provide for our comfort, having selected the right vehicle, we will be happy travelers practicing frugal living.

Operating and maintaining a RV is, as a general rule, a lot simpler than maintaining a house.

RVing with smaller living quarters is also a lot "greener" in terms of consumption of energy (even with the expense of fuel). It entails less demand, reducing our footprint compare with the keep up of a house (heating, cleaning, repairs etc.).

But more importantly, RVing gives us the freedom to have much more time to enjoy life, have fun and feel alive.

This is in accordance with the frugal living principles of enjoying time and not feeling guilty about it. It is about living consciously with the purpose of challenging consumerism and the rat race. It is successful and simple living with more freedom.


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