FREE RV CAMPING is associated to BOONDOCKING. For many RVers, the ONLY WAY to go RVing!

Free RV camping is what most RVers would wish but many go to campgrounds to take advantage of hook up facilities and it is far from being free.

The solution is boondocking.

In fact, RV camping off the beaten path has many benefits. Let's have a look!


1) Economics - saving money with free or inexpensive camping

When your extend your RVing vacation moving from one location to another or you are a full time RVer , it is clear that taking advantage of free rv camping or affordable campsites is the way to go.

Practicing primitive camping may be the key factor which determines whether you can afford to travel for a long period of time.

Boondocking is economics. No more rent every night could mean another day on the road.

It seems that the campground fees are increasing every year. They are now close to half the cost of a room in a mid-range hotel and you are the one providing the bedroom and cleaning services.

2) Tranquility of a natural setting

Many RVers, at a younger age, started free rv camping with a tent or a pop-up trailer. They were just having a great time camping in the tranquility of the backwoods. No close neighbors. Just the sound of wind and birds singing in the morning.

For those who are not crazy about hearing neighbors snore (or anything else), leave the crowded campgrounds behind and go boondocking!

Instead of the chlorine swimming pool full of noisy kids, you can enjoy the tranquility of a small lake in nature.

Take a swim on your own (with or without a bathing suit) in fresh and pristine water, surrounded by majestic trees and a distant view of a spectacular mountain range.

Smell the fresh mountain air in the morning and listen to waves bashing on the beach at night.

3) More freedom and variety

Traveling with the proper sized RV , you give yourself the freedom to explore country roads and discover fantastic free rv camping spots with unrivalled views. You can drive at your own pace, slowly exploring, giving yourself time to "smell the roses".

For those looking for affordable adventure and discovery by moving around, boondocking will bring a variety of campsites.

Packed campgrounds all seem to look the same where you often have to look at the exterior wall of another RV. While boondock RVing, you have a good chance at the end of the day to dry camp in a site with a scenic view.

You will be free of the necessity to call and reserve a campground in advance, reconfirm a reservation or rush to arrive before a certain hour to guarantee a spot.

Always having to think ahead, make reservations and keep a tight schedule add tremendously to the stress of traveling.

We said it before: the purpose of RVing should be to enjoy yourself, not to be in a situation more stressful than at home.

Boondocking provides this sense of independence that you can live on your own.

4) Convenience

At one time, all RVers will be in a situation one night, not knowing where to stop. After driving all day, they discover that there is no campground along the way or the campsite is full.

You just want to park and sleep. This is how it is so easy with your little home-away-from-home, and you never know what you'll discover.

It also facilitates visiting friends and family. Very convenient it is to park in the driveway or on the road in front of their house, having your own living quarters.

No need to disturb anyone's schedule or oblige your hosts to prepare a bed and room for you. Everyone will be curious to know how you do it and to hear about your adventures.

You can invite your grandkids to join you to eat or sleep in your RV. A blast for all!

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