Yes... FORWARDING MAIL is still
here to stay, at least for NOW!

In the 21st century, while forwarding mail is not permanently grayed out yet, many things have changed drastically and, for the best.

Forever evolving, the newest communication technology constantly provides us with solutions unthinkable just a few years ago.

Of course, internet and cellular phone technologies play an important role in our lives to communicate with the rest of the world.

The old fashioned post service however remains.

On the road, you still want to send and receive real postcards, personal letters and packages of all kinds.

This is what we are going to look at here: how to maintain efficient postal services while traveling in a RV. You do not want your letters bouncing because it can not resolve the address.

For those full time RVing or for a relatively long period of time, forwarding mail may be necessary. Some fulltimers may no longer have a permanent address.

Someone, somewhere, somehow, has to be willing to receive, collect and redirect your post.

This someone can be:

1) a neighbor, friend or family member

While these people may have good intentions, it often becomes challenging over a longer period of time.

Difficulties are:

  • the person may accidently (or sometimes purposely) open some confidential letter that you would prefer to keep confidential (investment portfolio figures, a love note from an 'old flame' etc.)
  • the person may become sick, go on a vacation or move.

2) a professional forwarding mail service company

  • everything stays confidential and professional
  • you can provide an itinerary of your trip, and have post forwarded to a new destination periodically
  • for those who no longer have a permanent address, the address of the forwarding mail service may be sufficient to establish legal residency in a State or Province of your choice (for income tax purposes or other)
  • it is a service with a price.

However, keep in mind that the neighbor, the friend or even the family member would probably expect to get some kind of compensation (a gift or invitation to a restaurant).

3) a RV Club

There may be a minimal fee of $10 per month to send it once a week or to hold it for you.


Now that you have found someone reliable receiving and forwarding mail for you, you still need a forwarding address.

Obviously, it has to be somewhere you are physically going to be in order to receive it.

Possibilities are:

1) at a campground location

This is the most logical forwarding mail address. To be certain that everything works as you expect, first check with the campground authority if they would agree to receive it.

Inform them of all the details: approximate date of arrival and indication to hold it until you physically pick it up. Leaving an e-mail address may be useful.

They can notify you upon its receipt if you are not around at the time.

2) at a post office box or mailbox

This is more a solution for an RVer staying at one specific location for a longer period of time.

Renting a post office box at the local Post Office or mail store (UPS) is simple, fairly inexpensive, and it gives you more independence.

3) at a specific post office using the GENERAL DELIVERY service.

For those who prefer not to use a campground address or can not rent a post office box because of frequent changes of location, the GENERAL DELIVERY SERVICE offered in the States and Canada is a reliable solution.

Simply have it forwarded to a Post Office of your choice, addressed to yourself, in care of General Delivery.

Example : Your name c/o GENERAL DELIVERY Quartzsite AZ 85346

This service has the post office hold your package and put it aside until you physically collect it.


  • it is easier to use the post office of a smaller town than a big city center. Bigger cities have several post offices, and the main one is probably located in the heavy traffic area of downtown.
  • a phone call in advance to the person in charge at the office always gives reassurance. There is normally a policy which limits the time a package will be held.
  • it is always a good idea to have a label such as "HOLD FOR PICK UP" on the package as a reminder.
  • do not forget to carry proof of identity when collecting it.


This is easy. Just do what you would normally do at home, using:

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