A FRUGAL LIVING RV lifestyle leads the Way to EARLY RETIREMENT!

Dreaming of early retirement... that day when we will start enjoying the retirement lifestyle.

We may be able to retire earlier than we think changing our lifestyle to rv retirement RVing full time.

At first thought, retire early seems only possible for the rich. However, it can become our reality!

Full time RVing may in fact accelerate the process to retire.

If you are a baby boomer, you may be ready for early retirement and do all the interesting, challenging things you have dreamed about.

It is what is happening to more baby boomers every year who have made the decision to retire early.

They decided to save five, ten years of "9 to 5" work by reducing their expenses and changing their regular lives for a retirement lifestyle, feasible by RVing full time.

RV retirement is like buying time so we can do more of what we want. We can start living our dream today on a real rv retirement adventure.

We do not have to tolerate a job that does not fulfill us, just to make payments on a house. Let's take action!

Aretirement lifestyle is waiting for us.


Like most people, we were taught to go to school, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids, save money, keep trying to get richer until we finally retire.

Do you remember the Freedom 55 TV commercial? We were all supposed to retire early at age 55 and be walking on the beach.

In the meantime, the stock market had a re-adjustment (i.e. collapsed) and the real estate bubble bursted. Early retirement took a blow!

Now the governments are starting to prepare us to the eventual change of older legal age for retirement before receiving a security pension. The problem is insufficient funds to provide for everyone.

This means more years of wait and work for supporting a costly 'stick and brick' lifestyle that is more costly every year.

Then, maybe it is time to simplify our lives in order to find our solution to retire early while we still have energy and resources to put our plan of early retirement together.

Most people consider retiring in their late sixties but more and more workers never will. They will keep working until they realize that ten years went by and they hardly did anything, anything they were supposed to do.

Early retirement, in many peoples' mind, is out of question.

FEAR is often the only limitation to early retirement.

If we were winning the lottery, what would we do? A lot of us would say retire early and travel! You know... the long trip that everyone always had in the back of his/her mind.

For many baby boomers, early retirement RVing is a reality. But why so few?

Because of FEAR

Every body has fear of the unknown. Some people are more adventurous and have more tolerance for the unknown.

They keep a positive attitude and while still keeping good judgment, succeed to throw fear away from their mind.

Others just can't. Early retirement is not even something they will consider. They keep working and working with that constant fear of lacking something.

They carry that feeling that they will never have enough. They will work for ever. They have to accumulate more, as they say, just in case.

For many of us, consumerism is the problem. It is often a way to fill up the void in our lives.

Not all, but many of us baby boomers mostly, own a 3-4 bedroom house with two cars in front of the double garage, unable to park them inside, the garage being full of unnecessary things that we hardly use.

It may be a caricature of life but not too far from reality.

Some of us say: we still have to work to leave something to our kids, our grand kids.

I may sound here like a preacher who recommends a line of action but taken this way, it is true that I am preaching not to lie to ourselves and say the things as they are.

The obstacle is our fear of the unknown, of having to change something, financial insecurity, uncertainty...

Sacrificing the best years left in our lives for our kids should be thought over. It is a personal decision but keep in mind that many twenty-five year old Gen-Xers as they are called, do not need help.

Most are capable of managing their lives themselves and if they don't, they will have to learn. What are these Gen-Xers going to do if they get it all at age 30.

We have to think of our own lives and our kids and grandkids will have to manage their own.

If we are close to regular retirement age and we still hold to our jobs being unhappy, we have to take a step back and start identifying our real fears to stop us to retire early.

We can enjoy early retirement by changing our lifestyle to the simple rv retirement lifestyle.

Instead, we have:

  • fear of the unknown to retire early
  • fear of what the others are going to think, I am "nuts"...
  • fear that I do not have the skills for RVing, I am not good enough
  • fear of failure in face of others and myself
  • fear to retire early and going broke, loosing everything I worked for and ending my old years homeless and penniless
  • fear of being lonely
  • fear for my physical safety
  • fear of falling sick

These are just a few sources of fear we may have, thinking of changing our lifestyle to early retirement RVing full time.

We have to address each one of our fears and find solutions to overcome them all one by one or find ways to diminish their effect or power on us so they are more tolerable.

Having a fear is a natural instinct to keep us safe. However, the goal is not to create a fear where there should not be one and feel paralyzed.

We have to identify clearly each fear we have and embrace them all with the solutions.

Money is always an issue but in continuing reading all the information in this website, you will have a better picture of the whole process of early retirement achieved while RVing.

It can be done in transitions or we can find a way to generate a bit of income on the road to support our RV lifestyle. To retire early can bring a lot of rewards.

Life is too short to spend more time working than playing.


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