Downsizing from a "brick and stick" house to a "home on wheels" with limited living space, can satisfy the desire for simplicity and happiness as well as frugal living.

Downsizing is in accordance with the global principle of downshifting.

This latter has for values slowing down the pace of life, spending time meaningfully, reducing consumerism and consequently the amount of work required to pay for wasteful objects.

This is why many individuals will decide to go full time RVing

RVing can be an activity which can help us to live in a more balanced and healthy way. Downsizing from a "brick and stick" house to a "home on wheels" with limited living space, can satisfy the desire for simplicity and happiness as well as frugal living.

The RV travel lifestyle involves adventure, discovery of new locations, new people and often oneself. RVing for an extended period of time is an excellent way towards a transition into living with less. However, this also depends on how we practice it.

We can easily recreate the excess of the previous pattern of having the biggest house on the biggest lot, having lost the notion of clutter control.

In our modern first world society of consumerism, each individual embraces a lifestyle philosophy. The same applies to the RVing world. The selection of our recreational vehicle and RVing lifestyle is at the image of our beliefs.

We may agree to take the action of downsizing from a house to a RV because we are reducing our living space but we may not always take the action of downshifting.

This is because we are not fully enticing its principle. We still need to buy the biggest, most equipped and expensive RV on the market, pulling and carrying all kinds of big and expensive toys to the most luxurious camping resorts.

The purchase of a middle-size RV with sufficient comfort (new or used), could probably meet all our needs.

The RVer adept of frugal living would also put some effort in finding free campsites, most of the time boondocking

We all heard it at one time: LESS IS MORE!

This means having less things to be preoccupied about and more freedom to enjoy life.

It is often said that the most important things in life are good health and quality time with the people we love.

RVing is a lifestyle that can help downshifting, stay healthy, socialize with new friends, do more with what we have, simplifying our lives.

Downshifting and downsizing to a RV life could make us realize that working less and playing more, enjoying life fully, bring many rewards.

The reality is that most of us still have a house with more bedrooms that we need. Of course, they are handy when the grandkids come on week-ends or when friends come for vacation.

One day, we may arrive to the conclusion that the house we own is nice but too big for what we need, too much to maintain, too full of stored belongings we never use.

Then, selling the family home to buy a condominium could be a solution: less furniture, fewer tools and low maintenance.

For some, this could be a first step giving more freedom to go traveling.

The other step is SIMPLIFYING OUR LIVES and go RVing!

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