Before buying an RV, take your time, identify your needs, your budget, gather information, obtain professional reviews and learn to negotiate well.

Make sure to:

1) Clearly identify your needs.

Take in consideration the type of traveling, weather, temperatures you will encounter.

You may need air conditioning, awnings, better insulation, dual pane windows, enclosed heated plumbing bays etc...

What options, amenities and features do you want?

Are you buying a motor home or a camping trailer ?

2) Clearly identify your budget.

Spare yourself the worry or curtailing activities because of budget concerns.

3) Gather information from all sources.

Look at different RVs, attend RV shows, join RV forum groups, and talk to as many RVers as possible.

Ask questions! Ask the same questions over and over to different people. Answers can vary.

Consult the annual RV Buyers guide created by Trailer Life and Woodall to help RVers buy RVs.

4) Obtain professional reviews of the 3 or 4 RV models you have short listed.

Check: Consumer group and Jr Consumer

5) Do not rush into anything before buying an RV.

Refuse to be pressured to buy. Take your time!

6) Negotiate the best price for your RV purchase.

Ask for free upgrades or options. What is there to loose?

Read tips to help you negotiate the best purchasing price:

RV buying tips

7) Do not forget that your first RV can be a rig used for training and help you to discover RVing.

The idea is to have a positive experience.

Put all the options in your favor!

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