In order to get ready to adopt this alternative lifestyle, there are some measures you can take towards your transition to full time RVing.

This is just a list of reminders that will help you in your move to full time RV living.

1) Discuss your fulltime RVing goals with your life companion.

It is important to identify clearly the RV alternative lifestyle you anticipate.

Do you want to go to campground resorts or practice boondocking? How about the activities you want to do and the places you want to visit?

2) Select the right RV for this alternative lifestyle.

Does it have sufficient space and comfort so you do not make each other crazy after a few months fulltime RV living on the road?

People living together fulltime in a smaller space like a RV need to be able to get along. This alternative lifestyle is not for all couples.

Be advised that if things do not work out between spouses living in a big house, it will get worst in a smaller space of a RV. They will be together more often and in much closer quarters than traditional living.

This is why it is important to choose the right vehicle and floorplan.

For example, one person may want to go to bed early every night and the other stay up and browse internet. If there is no place to be seated since the folding bed takes the whole place, it certainly creates a problem.

The absence of a separate bedroom may be the reason to put an end to this fulltime RV living adventure not having selected the right rig.

3) Be clear about the finances and the fulltime RVing project.

Who pays what? Be honest with yourself and the other.

No one should force the idea of this alternative lifestyle of full time rv living on the other. This evaluation of each other's needs and expectations is probably the most important step of all, in terms of preparation.

4) Go over everything you own. What you do not need, get rid of it!

If you have not use it in the last year, it is sure you do not need it.

Start early to do yard sales. Sell or give your furniture little by little. Think about your other vehicles. Check their values since you may use one or two as a trade against the purchase of your RV.

If you want to keep some items that you would not bring with you not needing them in your new alternative lifestyle, start checking what would be the arrangements and costs involved for storage.

5) Simplify your banking, rethink your credit cards.

Switch all your finances to process everything online, asking not to receive any mail reports. You can certainly be assured that everything is done nowadays with full security.

Learn how to transfer money from one account to another even from different institutions, to receive automatic electronic income deposits or make automatic payments for all your bills as well.

All your credit cards and investment portfolio transactions should be accessible and done online. Of course, you still have to go to the bank to take some cash money out but organize it so you are familiar with using an ATM machine wherever the country you are in.

Have the proper banking and credit cards accepted everywhere. It is always good to have more than one credit card in case you lose one and keep the information in a safe place.

Get two credit cards to be renewed at different times so if one is unusable because it expired and you are waiting to receive a new one, you are not out of luck.

For any other reason (suspension for suspecting fraud etc..) you always have access to the other. Visa and Master Card are a good combination being accepted everywhere.

Be aware that in some institutions, a five digit PIN number will not work. A four digit PIN number works fine. I know from experience.

Verify that there is no surcharge for purchases outside your country.

Sign up for some company cards that will give you cash back on purchases.

6) Get to know the new technology you can use full time RVing.

For example, receiving and sending e-mails with attachments, using SKYPE or video web conferencing, selecting the right mobile phone , knowing about wireless internet , learning about the advantages of owning a Global Positioning System or GPS , how to take digital photos, digital videos etc..

7) Make pre-arrangements with your doctor and pharmacist.

Do not let your health problems stop you going. Check with your doctor who may suggest you to go, knowing that sunny weather and pleasure are good cures.

If you are registered to the database of a pharmacy chain (ex: Wal-Mart), you should be able to renew your prescription everywhere you are.

8) Medical report and coverage.

When it is time to leave, have copies of your medical report on hand and make sure your medical coverage is adequate.

9) Selling your home and buy an inexpensive piece of land instead.

It will have the advantage to give you a permanent address and a place to store items that you still think are needed and want to keep. If it is country land, it can serve as a location to park your RV in case of emergency or your desire to be off the road for a while.

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