Frugal Living, RV Travel...
possibly Early Retirement during
Your RV Camping Adventure!

Adopt a Frugal Living Lifestyle and Enjoy a Good life aboard Camping Trailers or Motor Homes. Travel and go RV Camping.

Live the Dream and Adventure of Your Lifetime. Go RVing, travel all over the continent being comfortable in your "New Home on Wheels": Your Recreational Vehicle.

Learn about frugal living and a more affordable way of traveling. Choose a simplified lifestyle: simple living.

Become a member of the RV world community.


My goal here is to give you in a logical order all the tools, information and advice necessary to make the right choices before to go RVing.

Your RV travel adventure can either be a short or long journey.

It does not matter!

All the information provided here is FREE.


  • select and buy the Recreation Vehicle that best suits your requirements
  • simplify your life, adopt frugal living and downsizing while going full time RVing
  • reduce your rv camping costs ''boondocking"
  • select the right rv batteries, power inverter and voltage converter
  • equip your RV with alternative energy equipment to be self-sufficient
  • use solar energy, wind power or simply stick to gas generators
  • conserve energy using a radiant heater and swamp cooler
  • learn a few RV tips to maintain your Recreational Vehicle

and much more...

Are you concerned about being isolated RVing and touring the country?

You don't need to be!

We will see how easy it is to:

  • have a mobile broadband internet connection, smart phones and web conferencing for our communication needs.
  • learn more about the latest technology allowing to keep in touch with family and friends.

Have you considered RV travel as a way to early retirement or the possibilities to make a living on the road?

How about using your talents and knowledge to volunteer in different locations never thought about or possible before?

Together, we will explore all these avenues of this RV Travel- Frugal Living Lifestyle.

and much more...

You will also be able to take advantage of this site to:

  • publish your own RVing diary, relating your rv camping adventures, find travel companions
  • help others achieve their dream with your tips and knowledge

I invite you to fully participate.

Don't wait until the others do, since this website is fairly new.

You may go RVing for a couple of weeks, a few months, a year or even more. The length of your RV trip is not important. Everyone is welcome to visit this site.

Please inform others and invite them to join!

All the information you need about RV camping is here to help you achieve your goal. The best part is that you don't need to be rich to make your dream reality.

Are you waiting for some new excitement in your life?


Be aware that a Dream Postponed is often an Opportunity Missed.

Let NOTHING or ANYONE deter you from your GOAL.


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